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Ningbo strengthen its development with Italy Guo Zihao scientific research institutions

Hits:533  Datetime:2017/12/12

On the morning of December 9, the Symposium of the Sino-Italian Engineer Summit Forum, the Federico II University of Italy and the Technology Project Enterprise’s Talents Delegation was held in Beilun, Ningbo. The Municipal Committee member and Party Secretary Mao Hongfang attended the event as speaker. Shen Hongyi, Deputy Secretary of the District Standing Committee hosted the event.

In his speech, Mao Hongfang explained that the world is in a process of rapid change and that the world economy is undergoing further changes. As the second largest economy in the world, China will surely create unprecedented opportunities for the global convergence of talents, science, technology and capital opportunity. At present, Ningbo is actively joining the "One Belt One Road" initiative of the country and is a pilot city of "Made in China 2025" project, introducing international high-level professional and technical personnel. Through its four-level cooperation with Italy in industries, science and technology, trade and education, Ningbo is an important window for Italy's science and technology projects and an access point for talents to the Chinese market.

In his speech, Mr Piero Salatino, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Basic Sciences at Federico II University in Naples, praised Ningbo's economic and social development and hoped to establish a long-term and sustainable good cooperation with Ningbo in order to realize mutual benefits and achieve win-win results, jointly promoting prosperity and development.

In the future, the National Institute of Science and Technology of Italy will promote international cooperation projects between high-level talents of the institute and Ningbo, taking advantage of its unique knowledge in new materials and automation industries to carry out industrial cooperation with Ningbo enterprises and institutions. Both sides are committed to build cooperation projects of technology international talents between Ningbo and Naples in Italy, establishing a high-level exchange of visits and promoting the construction of an entity's cooperation platform.

10 projects were introduced to the participants, Italy Federico II University and business delegation, on robotics, helicopters and cooperation in materials investment, nano-biotechnology and other new materials.