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Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province visiting Laowaitan International Talents Community

Hits:558  Datetime:2018/3/27

On the morning of March the 15th, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province Wang Wenxu visited Laowaitan International Talents Community. The city and district leaders were guided by Song Yueshun and Ding Xiaofang.The manager of Laowaitan International Talents Community introduced the platform functions of the project and the events with foreign talents. Understanding the construction and operation of the community, Vice governor Wang pointed out that Laowaitan International Talents Community should play the role of bridge and link while serving international talents, and also should set up a higher platform for Ningbo's external communication.

Laowaitan International Talents Community is set up by the Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and People's Government of Jiangbei District, is the first community of Zhejiang Province for international talents exchange. Since the establishment of the community, it has gradually created a good atmosphere for international talents, and has held a series of events such as the China-Italy-Swiss family business cooperation forum, etc. It has also attracted many international talent institutions such as Italian National Artists Association China Creative Center and so on. In the future, Laowaitan International Talents Community will further develop the four platforms, and increase the international talents gathering effect.