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The First China (Ningbo) Global Experts Summit

Hits:603  Datetime:2018/3/28

On the morning of March 20th, organized by the People's Government of Ningbo, sponsored by China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, co-hosted by Ningbo Municipal Personnel Office, Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and People's Government of Beilun District, the First China (Ningbo) Global Experts Summit was held in Inshow International Hotel. Experts and guests from the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan and other 20 countries and more than 370 domestic industries gathered 239 high-tech projects covering aerospace, integrated circuits, new chemical materials, intelligent manufacturing, bio medicine and other fields. The People's Government of Ningbo, Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, People's Government of Beilun District and the Beihang University, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Czech Science and Technology Enterprises Association, the Ukraine Academy of Engineering, signed 8 cooperation agreements.

The distinguished guests attending the event were: the Rector of Beihang University and Doctor of China Academy of Engineering Xu Huibin and other 31 foreign academicians, the Deputy Director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Xia Mingjiu, the Vice Inspector of Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee Gao Xiangming, the Vice President of European and American Students Association Xia Yingqi, the Zhejiang Province Party Committee Member and Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zheng Zhajie, the Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of Zhejiang Province Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Liu Guofu, the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Member and Secretary of People's Government of Beilun District Mao Hongfang, the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Member and Secretary General Shi Huifang, the Vice Mayor of Ningbo Chen Zhongzhao, the Director of Meishan International Logistics Industrial Cluster Management Committee Chai Lineng. The Ningbo Municipal Party Committee Member and Director of the Organization Department of Ningbo Zhong Guanhua chaired the meeting.


The theme of the summit was “Connecting the Belt & Road, Sharing Global Expertise”. Focusing on the forefront of international science and technology and the industry, it aimed to serve the high-end talents along the “One Belt One Road” countries and even the world, further deepening and expanding Ningbo “Overseas Engineers" brand effect, to create a high-level platform for the global exchange of scientific and technological talents, the core window of the country's foreign talents work, a major carrier of overseas technology and capital projects, and an important engine of the "One Belt One Road" talents growth. The projects will help Ningbo to explore the implementation of a more open, more active, and more effective new policy for attracting talents, setting up a multi-layered market-based professional platform for gathering talented people and proposing new initiatives for more accurate, convenient, and high-quality service personnel. The aim is to create a new ecology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and new business, improving production processes and urban integration.