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The birth in Keqiao of Fashion Dream Incubator

Hits:1944  Datetime:2018/5/21

A new reality was born yesterday for European fashion companies on the Chinese market: the Fashion Dream Incubator (FDI). The incubator is located in China, in the Municipality of Shaoxing in the district of Keqiao, a fundamental platform for the Italian and European fashion brand, designers, and trading companies of the fashion world on the Chinese market.
未标题-1_01.jpgThe project FDI will select about 100 Italian companies that will have the opportunity to enter the Chinese market and develop their sales activities in an international innovative, dynamic and professional context.

Attending the ceremony entrepreneurs and Chinese authorities (also from Beijing), and a delegation of Italian and European representatives of industrial associations, financial institutions, academies of fine arts, came expressly from Italy for the occasion.

The Chinese authorities attending the ceremony:

— Sun Ruizhe, 

President of the China Textile Industry Federation (Vice Minister);

— Liang Rong, 

Vice-President of China Commercial Federation;

— Zhang Xian, 

Vice President of China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce;

— Ma Weiguan, 

Party Secretary of Shaoxing Municipality;

— Sheng Yuechun, 

Mayor of Shaoxing Municipality;

— Shen Zhijiang, 

Keqiao District Secretary, Shaoxing City;

— Zhao Rulang, 

Mayor of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City;

— Zhu Jianming, 

Deputy Mayor of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City;

The Italian authorities and representatives attending the ceremony:

— Maria Spilabotte, 

Former Senator and Vice President of the Labor Commission of the Senate;

— Gabriele Altobelli, 

President of Confesercenti-Assoartisti;

— Carlo Casillo, 

President of Unione Industriale Napoli Fashion Section, President of Hanita;

— Francesco Piscitelli, 

President of Fashion Dream Incubator Consortium;

— Gianfranco Grossetti, 

Director of Business Department of Cassa Padana Bcc;

During the opening ceremony, 10 Italian companies signed the Mou and join the Fashion Dream Incubator. 


After the ceremony the guests visited the FDI Building, the AGO STORE concept store (exhibiting for the occasion fashion articles from Italian companies that have already joined the project) and participated in the "Innovation, Brand, Market - China Europe Fashion Development Forum" .