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The First Ningbo International Music Contest with UISEC- East China

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On June 18, musicians from Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and other countries participated in the First Ningbo International Music Contest in Casa Italia (Lee House). The event was organized by Italian Union for Economic & Cultural Development in East China and Laowaitan International Talents Community.

Mr. Cai, Deputy Director of Ningbo Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau, Mr. Du, Director of Jiangbei District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, UISEC’s members and friends attended the event.

All the competitors were professional musicians:

- Rayner Dillon from Indonesia played piano for us. He studied classical piano since childhood and later fell in love with jazz and other musical instruments. He set up a professional jazz band with friends in Ninghai and performed on different occasions.

- Maj-6 is a local band. Is composed by the guitarist Zhang Xihao, the keyboardist A Qian, the drummer Zhu Heng, the bassist Guo Qiang, the saxophonist Aguang. They love music after 90ies and brought their favorite jazz, blues, soul and other music styles to Ningbo to let Ningboneses enjoy it and appreciate it.

- Yu Xuecheng played for us a cover of Lemon Tree. He likes playing guitar, music, life, and participate in this competition hoping to meet more friends and learn more.

- Nan Jingyao, the grandson of the Chinese Master Nan Huaiyu, played the Chinese guqin, the oldest instrument in Chinese history. He is a professional designer and studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara in Italy. In love with ancient culture, his literary knowledge is quite deep. He is now a member of the Luqin Musicians Association of Wenzhou City.

- Lina and James, prior to coming to Ningbo, James played in an eight-piece improvising ensemble in Bristol, UK. Lina has sung in small ensembles and Big Bands in Germany, Northern Ireland and Shanghai. Their common interest in playing jazz got them to team up in Ningbo in November 2017.

- Pingyi Group, both members are music teachers at local schools in Ningbo. They have won many awards and participated in the recording of many programs. The competition's repertoire is "Blue and White Porcelain", Chinese traditional music.

Ms. Weng Juni: She studied Yangqin since childhood, graduated from the Department of Music Education at the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, and went to Bixie, France, in 2017 to perform for locals with artists from France. It is now a music teacher at the No. 1 Experimental School in Ningbo City.

Teacher Zhao Ping won "Baihua Award for Chinese Art Talent" and other important art competitions: entitled as outstanding national instructor and outstanding arts teacher in Zhejiang Province.

- Kitty, the host of the event, also contributed to the contest performing the song and dance from “Dream of the Red Chamber”.

- The last participating team [Weiyang Guoyun] debuted on stage. They are a traditional musical instrument and cultural exchange platform in Ningbo. They also promote the traditional Chinese culture through tea ceremony, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting and traditional manual work. The six teachers performed the “fishing boat night song”, highly appreciated by the audience and the jury. In the end, they won the first prize of the competition.

Although human language has limits, music is limitless, and wonderful music can enter the hearts of people and reach the depths of the soul. Music can bring us together. No matter where you come from, the language of music always tie us together.

thanks the sponsors, participants and guests who strongly supported and actively participated in this event, and continues in the effort to bring together the Chinese and international community of Ningbo through art, music, culture, fundamental glues for hearts and souls.