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The Cambridge University Elite brings a new project in Ningbo! The best place for entrepreneurs

Hits:2018  Datetime:2018/9/19

“The geographical position of Ningbo is unique, its cultural heritage is important, the rapid development and the overseas talent policy are very attractive.” This is the first impression about Ningbo of Dr. Shen Boyang, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of Cambridge. 

In two days, 30 outstanding Chinese students from Cambridge University visited Jiangbei, Ningbo University, Ningbo (Jiangbei) High-tech Industrial Park and the Institute of Industrial Technology. They carried out a roadshow in Laowaitan International Talents Community and focused on understanding the talent policy and entrepreneurial environment in Jiangbei District.

The event was initiated by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Cambridge University and held for 4 consecutive sessions, with the aim to help the Chinese Cambridge students returning to China to better understand their domestic development and be ready for introducing entrepreneurial innovation.

In the roadshow held on August the 25th, six students brought in new entrepreneurial projects in materials and new energy, with the hope to find good opportunities through the meeting.


Chen Rongxin is the only Ningbo native student in this group. He graduated from Zhenhai Middle School and is now a fourth-year Ph.D. student in architecture at Cambridge University.

Although there is no business plan at present, he hopes to learn more about the talent policy of his hometown through this activity. Then, he can guide and recommend students to Ningbo.


“Attracting new talents, keeping our own talents.” The person in charge of the Jiangbei District Talent Office said that at present, Jiangbei District has comprehensively promoted the construction of “North Shore Talents Gathering” and increased the support for high-level talent projects. It also improved the “one stop, one trip, one paper” talent service policy and incentives, and implemented the “365 days all-weather” talent care system.

The purpose of the new policies is to higher the skills of talents and focus on innovative industries. Ni Haiyan, director of the Jiangbei District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said that the event will carry out a series of activities such as project networking and environmental inspection, so that these excellent Cambridge students can better know the innovative importance of the enterprises and the entrepreneurship environment of Jiangbei, taking part in the development and construction of the District.