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Sino Italian Creative Design Award


Sino Italian Creative Design Award, or "SICDA", is co-founded by Dedalo Italia and Italian Union for Economic & Cultural Development in East China. Its purpose is to promote the interaction and exchange between students of China and Italy, to create more cooperation in design, under the respective cultural and economic education background, and to strengthen the cooperation between Italy and China in the field of fashion, design and overall creativity. The goal is to establish a platform to promote employment between the students.

The main partners of this initiative will be government, industries, associations, universities, Italy and China-related enterprises. SICDA has the purpose to guide college students to actively participate in creative fashion design activities, through a free, open and innovative spirit of competition to give them the opportunity of self-improvement, display of talent for the Ningbo design industry, to explore and train. Moreover, under the premise of integration of different cultures, the students will expand design concepts, raise the awareness of innovation and practice; the initiative wants to find and motivate more talents with potential, incubate and transform more design and innovation achievements, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of design industry.