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China – Italy – Ticino Family Business Cooperation Forum


In order to further speed up the construction of the name of the city, Ningbo actively promote the all-round exchange and cooperation with developed country enterprises along "One Belt One Road", promoting the intergenerational inheritance, transformation and upgrading, talent introduction of private SMEs in Ningbo and the development of regional economy. The local government successfully held the first China – Italy - Ticino Family Business Cooperation Forum.

Through the forum, it will be actively built a platform for business cooperation between China, Italy and the Swiss family enterprises to further promote the ideological and cultural communication among the family enterprises in China, Italy and Switzerland, in order to help Ningbo's family enterprises to learn the world's advanced management concepts and establish brand and inheritance awareness and sustainable development. The forum will promote the cooperation in the fields of personnel, projects and investment, and the win-win cooperation among international family enterprises.

It will not only help Ningbo family enterprises to learn advanced management concepts from the world and realize a sustainable development, but will also promote the understanding between family enterprises in Italy, Switzerland and Ningbo, in order to create conditions for talents, projects and investment cooperation, and contributes to Italian Swiss companies’ establishment and investments to Ningbo to enter the Chinese market. Through sincere and pragmatic cooperation, the forum can become a beautiful business card for promoting the friendly exchanges between China, Italy and Switzerland, to build up a cooperation mechanism to attract more well-known family enterprises and make the forum a service enterprise in our city, able to boost the transformation of many private enterprises, promoting the upgrade of small and medium-sized enterprises.