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Fashion Dream Incubator & AGO STORE


Fashion Dream Incubator is a project by Dedalo Italia.

It is an Incubator dedicated to fashion, art and exhibitions, enriched with Italian and European multi-cultural elements, creating a "salon" of European fashion in China and giving new life and outburst to the fashion industries and activities between China and Europe.

The incubator is located in China, in the Municipality of Shaoxing in the District of Keqiao, an important platform for Italian fashion brands, designers, Italian and European fashion trading companies.


AGO STORE is the first Concept store entirely dedicated to Italian and European fashion in China.

It is a space of 1000 square meters, created on the first floor of the Fashion Dream Incubator with the aim of being replicated in the following stages of the project.

In support of the fashion sales activity, in the Ago Store there are also spaces for exhibitions and fashion shows, an environment created to attract young designers, artists and talents.

There will also be a space dedicated to hair and make-up, modern and attractive.

Moreover, there will be a space dedicated to photography, an area with videos and images to give the opportunity to young designers and brand companies to make pictures of their collections.