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Italian Union for Economic & Cultural Development in East China (UISEC East-China)


East China is the China's comprehensive economic zone with the highest technical level and the most developed economic and cultural area. Italy is the cradle of the European nation and culture, the core of Western culture, but also one of the three major economies in Europe and a world leader in the fields of art and fashion.

UISEC-East China, with the full name of “Italian Union for Economic & Cultural Development in East China”, co-founded by Dedalo Italia, is a civil, spontaneous, non-profit organization, its members will mainly include the Italian industry groups, financial institutes, universities, academies, small and medium enterprises, artists, artisans and related enterprises in China.

The main purpose of UISEC - East China is to promote the development of the cultural, economic, commercial and industrial fields between Italy and East China. The founders, of a total of nine Chinese and Italian members, are from Ningbo, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other regions. The founders of UISEC – East China have a high level of professional skills and knowledge, thanks to their international educational background they can fully understand the human, social and economic environments of both countries. In cooperation with other outstanding members, they promote the collaboration of Italian and Chinese government, enterprises, universities and other institutions in order to promote economy, commerce and culture exchange.