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Italy CSMT (China) Center


After 2 years of negotiation between China and Italy, Chinese Center of CSMT was inaugurated on June 19,2015 at CSMT headquarter in Brescia, including Chinese representatives: chief of Ningbo Bureau of Human Resources and Social Service. Lin Yalian, chief of Department of Human Resources and Social Service of Beilun District, Zhang Wenfu, president of Chinese Center Kang Du and its CEO Huang Yanting and Italian representatives: vice president of Province of Brescia, deputy mayor of Brescia, president of CSMT, vice president of University of Brescia.

As one of the most authoritative and largest technology research and service agencies in Italy, has been established by the Italian Brescia National Research Council, the Brescia government, business Bureau of Industry and Commerce, University of Brescia, as well as 12 Italian banks and 17 local leading companies.

CSMT provide to Italian domestic enterprises in various fields scientific research and development, technology transfer, science and technology consulting, science and technology training and other services, in order to enhance the technological capabilities of enterprises, to make their development sustainable and stable, to guarantee profitable results through a measurable and applicable innovation. With more than 1,000 experts and researchers in various fields, CSMT possesses 6 different laboratories and specialized training in ultra-precision processing equipment, automation, new materials, die-casting and injection molding, surface treatment and life sciences. Numerous heavy and light industrial workshops with associated machinery and equipment provide efficient research services. Relying on the strong human resources and technical resources, the CSMT Center in Italy, was established to create an industry- International technology transfer and public service center, a bridge, link and platform for the exchange and cooperation of talents, technology and enterprises between China and Italy.

Thanks to the successful experience of incubator operation of CSMT Center in Italy, another important reality was built: CSMT (China) Center for High-tech Enterprise incubation platform.