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International PR


The company establishes international cooperation and dialogues for Chinese and Italian governments, public institutions, state-owned enterprises and private-owned enterprises according to their different needs. It also provides overseas resources and contacts and finds the best deal of domestic and overseas resources through global resource integration, helping the internationalization of Chinese and foreign enterprises. The company also provides such services and intercommunication with foreign countries to the government, attracting investment from industries, introducing talents and overseas promotion. 

As a service-oriented enterprise with innovative development, the company has always had "promoting international cultural exchanges and developing international cooperation in production" as its own mission and has provided a platform for resource sharing and development of the exchanges between China and Italy, industry cooperation and academic exchange. Through the combination of "bringing in" and "going out", we will open up a whole new mode of communication and cooperation, build a multi-level and wide-ranging public collaboration and promote deep exchanges between Chinese and foreign enterprises.