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Talents Exchange


Based on the needs of social development and economic structure and the requirements of Chinese and Italian enterprises, the company provides customized personnel exchange services among government, enterprises and associations, through the introduction and export of talents. The company can provide resources for corporate promotion and fairs, as well as employment orientation services for overseas students and foreigners, and can establish an exchange service platform for the selection of employing units and returned overseas students. 

Ningbo "Laowaitan International Talents Community" was established in 2014 by China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Ningbo Ministry of Organization, through the government talent introduction projects and supportive policies, attracts a large number of overseas high-end talents in fashion, art, culture, science and technology, finance and other fields, including fashion designers, artists, engineers and experts. In this moment of economic and social development and adjustment of industrial structure in Ningbo, focusing on the need of introduction of overseas talents, the company provides the necessary professional knowledge and skills to domestic enterprises and enhances their international competitiveness.